Starfield players are turning the game into a Star Wars Bounty Hunter remake

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Now that Bethesda has released official mod support in Starfield, players are predictably getting busy with all the fancy new add-ons currently available within. Although some mods are minimalistic and only change certain fundamental elements of the game, others are wider in scale and provide much flashier changes. For instance, a Creation Club mod called The Book of Boba Fett armor lets players explore the Settled Systems wearing the titular character’s iconic outfit.

And since Starfield already has an integrated bounty system (with its own version of a swanky Bounty Hunter Spacesuit to boot), some players are turning the game into a full-blown remake of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. Over on Reddit, u/whg115 shared a clip of them hunting down a target in the city of Neon while decked out in Boba Fett’s gear. u/NxTbrolin shared a similar post, but instead of wearing Boba Fett’s getup, they were equipped with The Mandalorian’s armor.

Some players are even transforming Settled Systems inhabitants into Star Wars NPCs, based on this post from u/DayoftheDab. Of course, since the Starfield Creation Club is still in its early days, there’s still only a limited selection of mods you can choose from. But as time goes on, you’ll probably get to see and download much bigger ones, like mods that are based on entirely different franchises, like Star Trek and Warhammer.

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