Starfield money glitch sees players nab 9.5 million credits per hour

Starfield money glitch sees players nab 9.5 million credits per hour
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Starfield players know credits make their worlds go round, and now they’re also finding some interesting glitches to help them make a lot of moolah in the space faring RPG.

Credits are used for so much in Starfield, including as the easiest method to get your hands on the best Starfield ships and ship parts, the best Starfield weapons and more. While it’s unknown how long these glitches will last before Bethesda fix them in the next Starfield patch, for now players are taking full advantage and getting as many credits as they can using these cheeky methods, such as this one from YouTuber DPJ.

As explained in the video, the method involves players heading to the Narion system, a level one system under the control of the Freestar Collective that’s not far from Alpha Centuri where you start. From there, it’s a short hop to the Stroud-Ekulnd Staryard, and docking here will take you to the location of this glitch. Once you’re off your ship, it’s simple a case of running through a glitch in the game’s geometry that lets you clip through a wall by walking along a helpfully placed bit of scenery. Once through the wall, a simple bit of parkour around the back of the map – meaning you will need to spend a skill point in Boost Pack Training – will see you able to get to the hidden chest of the Stroud-Ekulnd Store.

It’s here you’ll find your spoils, with over 160,000 credits ripe for the taking, then you just need to use the game’s star map to fast travel out of the glitch to Venus, use the Starfield wait mechanic to wait six hours so the store can refresh its inventory, and then fast travel back, then rinse and repeat as necessary. It’s pretty straightforward, and once you’ve got the route down will see you make millions in a matter of minutes.

It’s the latest in a string of fast-money glitches mostly brought about by players finding hidden chests due to how Starfield’s shops work. Basically each shop’s inventory is actually found in a container, usually hidden in an inaccessible part of the map – but thanks to this clever trickery, players have been finding ways to access these chests. As with any glitch, there’s a possibility this may get patched out in the future – but for now, players are enjoying their spoils.

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