Starfield gets review-bombed on Steam following launch of official mod support

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Bethesda has finally given its star-faring RPG fans what they’ve been asking for by introducing official mod support to Starfield. Unfortunately, the aftermath hasn’t entirely been positive, as the game’s Steam page has fallen victim to an avalanche of negative reviews following the update.

Bethesda announced it was introducing official mod support to Starfield as part of its segment during the recently concluded Xbox Games Showcase. Naturally, player reaction at that time was largely positive since many had been looking forward to experiencing the game again with a few fan-made improvements (and maybe even turning it into a full-blown Star Wars spinoff if you’re really dedicated).

However, players soon discovered that some of the available mods needed to be paid for, hence the outpouring of criticism from several disgruntled players. One particularly frustrated fan on Steam said, “Really? Another push for curated paid mods no one asked for? Are [Bethesda] this desperate for modders to fix [their] game on a budget instead of doing it yourself with developers on an actual payroll?”

Over on Reddit, u/Dartzinho_V noted that “it’s absolutely outrageous that they’re selling individual quests instead of the whole questline.” Funnily enough, Bethesda already faced these same criticisms upon launching Fallout 76. The only difference is this time, Starfield isn’t a live service game, so these mod microtransactions are even more puzzling. With the complaints continuing to come in at an alarming rate, Bethesda will need to provide a solution that’ll benefit everyone involved…and quickly.

Now, if you’re still a fan of the game despite the Starfield mod support debacle, why not take a look at our guide on the best Starfield armor? This way, you can explore the Settled Systems without having to worry about being taken down by Spacers or the Ecliptic.

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