Star Wars Battlefront's January update will not feature a new map after all, lead lighting artist Oscar Carlen has confirmed.

It was reported yesterday that the upcoming update would include a free map set on Tatooine after a video from EA Brazil appeared to confirm as much. But that was "misinformation", Carlen says.

"Sorry, but the January update does not contain a new map," he said on Twitter, later adding: "There were some misinformation so [the video] was taken down. It is still a great patch, I dont think you will be dissapointed [sic]."

Carlen does, however, suggest that a free map is planned for the future in addition to premium DLC, but that it won't be ready in time for this month's update.

EA has yet to announce a date for the January update but has confirmed that it will feature the "first drop of free additional content". There's no word yet on whether the alternate Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa outfits also mentioned in the video will make it into this month's update.

Source: @Kvasibarn

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