Star Wars: Battlefront will not feature microtransactions enabling players to purchase in-game currency, DICE design director Niklas Fegraeus has told GameSpot.

Battlefront utilises both points and in-game credits, with the latter used to rent high-end weaponry. This would seem to lend itself to microtransactions on in-game credits, but DICE says this isn't the case.

"The currency system is based on your game performance," Fegraeus explained. "The credits that you use to buy things in the game are earned. You play the game, complete challenges, and that's how you get credits."

Asked to clarify that the only way to obtain credits was by earning them through in-game performance, Fegraeus confirmed: "Yes, that's what's in the game. Absolutely."

So that's no microtransactions at launch, but who's to say they won't arrive at some point down the line, much like Bungie has announced with Destiny.

Source: GameSpot

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