Paramount has aspirations to continue its Star Trek video game franchise on the next generation, Brian Miller, SVP of worldwide marketing partnerships and licensing at Paramount Pictures, has told MCV.

"Star Trek has been around for five decades and will certainly outlive all of us," said Miller.

He added: "We would love to make more Star Trek games. We're very excited about the next generation of gaming and feel that Star Trek has to be a big part of that. Besides there are many untold stories of Kirk and Spock that need to be told."

The movie making giant has high hopes for next month's Star Trek: The Video Game, having invested heavily in its production.

"Star Trek: The Video Game has been in development for over three years, has a budget that rivals many of the movies we make, a completely original story, the voice and likeness of the full Star Trek cast, and two hours of new music from Michael Giacchino," he explained.

The game's out April 26 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Source: MCV Magazine

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