Die Gute Fabrik, developer of Johann Sebastian Joust and Sportsfriends has announced their newest game Mutazione, coming later this year.

The adventure game takes place in a world that, 100 years prior to the story, was hit by a giant meteor known as the 'Moon Dragon' which hit a holiday resort, wiping out most of the residents and mutating the others. These mutated survivors banded together to form their own community known as the titular Mutazione.

Playing as Kai, you're sent to the heart of this community in order to visit your grandfather who has fallen ill, and must spend a week trying to nurse him back to health while getting to know the locals, who each have their own little dramas and quirks to explore.

The game also revolves around a 'generative musical "gardening" mechanic' according to the post on the PlayStation Blog, but details as to exactly what that entails are scant at the moment. Still, there's a very atmospheric trailer to watch in the meantime, which we've embedded below.

Die Gute Frabrik hope to release the game on PS4 and PC later this year, and will be showing off the title at next week's GDC conference and PAX East at the end of the month.


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