Splinter Cell: Blacklist is predominantly a stealth game, creative director Maxime Béland has told VideoGamer.com

With all the confusion as to how Splinter Cell: Blacklist actually plays, Béland explained that the game is designed to be approached in a similar fashion to previous titles which is evident in the new economy system that rewards players for how they tackle each scenario.

"The [game's] economy system is balanced to push you towards [playing stealth]. If you play Assault, or if you play clumsy, you're going to make some money and if you play Panther, you're going to be making more and be rewarded more." Béland said.

"If you play Ghost, it's harder: not being detected is really hard. You need to be conscious of the environment, you need to listen well... but you're going to be making a shit load more money if you're playing [that way]. I'm hoping regardless what your play style you'll come in and [start] gravitating towards Ghost."

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