Eidos announced today that Ion Storm director Warren Spector has left the company to pursue 'personal interests'.

One of the industry's leading lights, Spector is one of the few men with power to get a project up and running on the strength of his name alone. Heavily involved in Deus Ex and the Thief franchise, the reasons for his departure are unknown, although rumours in the digital world commenced straight away, stating the likelihood that he is soon to become a part of struggling US developer Midway.

How that would sit with Eidos is anybody's guess, given that they are keen to emphasise that although no longer a 9 'till 5 employee, Spector will still be involved ad hoc as an Intellectual Property consultant. So, an ideas man then. It's believed that this entails him currently helping to rescue the Tomb Raider franchise from the festering pool of mediocrity that was Angel of Darkness

So, with another industry 'character' shying from the limelight - following on from to ex-Argonauts CEO Jez San (currently in employment limbo), and Lionhead's Peter Molyneux (promising not to be as vocal anymore), are there any major players still left?

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