A new game that tasks players with building and managing their own space station is coming to Steam Early Access this October.

Stable Orbit, which is currently in development at indie studio Codalyn, is described as a "realistic and challenging simulation game" that lets players construct a brand new space station five years after the deorbiting of the International Space Station.

The game will be published by Green Man Gaming Publishing, the publishing arm of the online retailer.

"I'm making Stable Orbit because I'm a huge fan of realistic science fiction, and I've always wanted to do something within that space," said Codalyn developer Jim Offerman. "It's the first game idea I've had in a very long time where I'm confident that I can build on my own without requiring an army of other developers. As I began researching how real space stations were built and operated, I just got more and more into it!"

Offerman previously worked as the lead programmer on the PC versions of Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Green Man Gaming says.

For a look at what to expect check out the teaser trailer below or head through here for the first screenshots.

Source: Green Man Gaming Publishing