Sony is currently working on redesigning the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3, according to a report on Reg Hardware. The new look will let gamers access content via a more image-driven layout, which the report claims will be similar to what Microsoft has implemented with the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Sources told Reg Hardware that the new look is "an aesthetic layout with logically marked sections and rolodex lists". A new live search method with results appearing as search text is entered will also be included with the redesign. Movies on the PlayStation Store will feature an IMDB-like database and games will be categorised by genre, publisher, developer and more.

In order to make the store more appealing the colour scheme is being completely changed, exchanging the current blue look for more vibrant colours, while a 'Deals of the week' section will entice users to spend money on bargains.

The PlayStation Store was down for weeks due to the PSN attack on April 20, returning with a bumper update on June 2.

The PlayStation Store could do with a redesign, but it's not exactly unusable at the moment. A bigger issue facing items on the PlayStation Store is the fact that the same content on Xbox LIVE Marketplace is often cheaper - albeit only available via Microsoft Points.

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