Development of The Last Guardian on PS4 has been going well, says Sony, but isn't yet 100 per cent confident the heavily delayed game will launch in 2016.

"The move from PS3 to PS4 was difficult, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios boss told Engadget.

He added: "The old engineering effort had to go back to the drawing board and be remade for PS4. And that took a long time. But since last year, the development has been going very well. So we have a good amount of confidence in terms of this window for next year."

The game segment shown at E3 is actually playable, only it won't be like this when you get your hands on the final version.

"So the video we showed [on Monday] is totally playable," confirmed Yoshida. "It's a small section of a larger level. And we chose to do video because the press conference is really tightly scheduled and because the nature of the game is an adventure game. So the AI involved, the bird, might not do what we want it to do. So in order to make that tight press conference schedule work, we just recorded video. But the game runs like that. Performance-wise it's going very well."


Source: Engadget

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