We all knew it was happening, but this is the first time it's been made official: Sony will be announcing a new PS4 console later this week, PlayStation Korea has confirmed.

The console will (according to Korean Twitter user @ChoiKangho) be priced and dated in Hong Kong on September 8, shortly after PlayStation Meeting comes to a close in New York on September 7.

At the New York event, which kicks off on Wednesday at 8pm BST, Sony is expected to announce two new consoles: the PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo. Neo is a high-end version of the current PS4 capable of delivering more visually impressive games. All PS4 games, however, will be playable across both PS4 and PS4 Neo.

PS4 Slim, meanwhile, is a slimmed down version of the current PS4. The first details leaked last month after the console surfaced on Gumtree.

Here's 10 games we'd love to see given a PS4 Neo graphical update.

Source: playstation.co.kr (Thanks @ZhugeEX)

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