Sony has outlined its plans for 3D in the home with the announcement of a "unique high-value 3D offering" that utilises the strengths of its "3D World" expertise in consumer electronics, movie making and gaming.

Sony 3D TVs and Blu-ray players will be available in stores in June, with pre-orders already available for consumers in the UK through and Sony Centre stores.

The first of Sony's 3D TVs will be the BRAVIA HX803. Built upon Sony's very latest 200Hz high frame rate technology that allows viewers to see 3D in full High Definition 1080p fidelity, the High Definition 3D image is further enhanced with the inclusion of "High Speed Precision", "LED Boost"' and "3D up conversion", three technologies unique to Sony and designed to make the 3D image even clearer and brighter.

The HX803 launch model will be followed within weeks by additional models in Sony's 3D TV line-up.

In order for new 3D adopters to get the most from their new TVs, Sony has also announced it will be giving away free 3D games for PS3 with all Sony 3D TVs.

Timed to complement the launch of the HX803, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will release four 3D stereoscopic PS3 game experiences through the PlayStation Network, available as a free collection to purchasers of BRAVIA 3D TVs.

The promotion games will be:

- Wipeout HD: full 3D game (not including WipEout HD Fury)

- PAIN: 3 x 3D episodes + 1 x 2D tutorial

- Super Stardust HD: full 3D game (not including DLC)

- MotorStorm Pacific Rift: single level 3D demo

PS3 owners will be able to upgrade their PS3s to be 3D game compatible with a firmware upgrade prior to the Sony 3D TVs becoming available. A further firmware upgrade to make PS3s 3D Blu-ray movie compatible will be made available within 2010.

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