UMD was billed as the great new media format, not only for games, but also a new movie format to rival DVD. The format got off to a good start, but soon began losing backers within the movie industry and retailers followed suit, reducing the format's presence in stores.

Despite these setbacks, Maguire feels that it's not all doom and gloom for UMD. "We're pretty pleased with UMD," Maguire told MCV. "UMD has a fantastic attachment ratio. Where we've struggled a little is getting a decent proposition for full-length movies.

Maguire firmly believes that the problem with UMD has not been the format, but the choice of content that has been offered. "It's getting the right content that's the challenge. When we put shorts on UMD they sell really well, and that's related to PSP usage. It's about getting the offer right, and we will do that."