Sony has issued a statement revealing that the first shipment of PS3s were sold "within hours." The 60GB model sold better than the 20GB unit - presumably there was more of the 60GB units to go around - and Resistance: Fall of Man topped the PS3 sales.

If you missed getting a console on day one then Sony says that there will be regular shipments of the console arriving at retail now that manufacturing is running smoothly.

The launch of the PS3 was also good news for other Sony consoles; the PSP saw a 30% rise in sales at the top five retailers, and PS2 sales were also up by 24%.

"Sony Computer Entertainment America couldn't be more pleased with the response we have seen from consumers since the launch of PlayStation 3 on Friday," said corporate communications boss David Karraker. "This truly demonstrates the power of the PlayStation brand and further validates our belief that consumers see real value in an entertainment system that will define the next decade of digital entertainment."

A launch sell-out was never in question. What is still to be answered is whether the console can maintain momentum once the hardcore user-base has been saturated.

With such low launch stock, Sony is losing sales during a period when the hype around the console at its highest. Nintendo on the other hand plan to ship four million Wii consoles this year, giving them a three million lead over the PS3 by the year end.