It's clear that the Nintendo DS is dominating Japan, and the handheld is now beginning to look like the front runner across the rest of the world too. You'd think this, coupled with moves by publishers to more strongly support the DS, would be giving Sony cause for concern - perhaps so, but a PSP price cut is not Sony's answer.

Speaking to Reuters, Sony Computer Entertainment America's John Koller said, "We don't necessarily see the need to cut the price." Instead Koller says that Sony needs to "introduce new consumers to what the PSP can do."

These views are shared by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, a UK spokesperson telling Eurogamer that there are "no plans to cut the price of PSP at this moment in time."

One area Sony looks to be targeting this winter is female gamers, outlined quite obviously with the release of the Pink PSP later this month - although Nintendo will tackle Sony's new model head-on, with a pink DS Lite.