Additional stock of PlayStation 4 hardware could be made available in time for launch to fulfil some pre-orders placed after August 5, Sony UK boss Fergal Gara has told

Speaking to us at Gamescom, Gara reiterated that Sony had advised retailers to "cut off pre-orders with the implicit promise that they offer day one [delivery]," before adding that there "may be some more" stock secured for the UK launch.

"The way I'd summarise it is that we have a responsibility to our retailers to help them manage expectations for their consumers," said Gara discussing the console's stock situation. "I've been a retailer myself and there's nothing worse than a frustrated consumer. Therefore we're just one step removed from that, so our responsibility is to help the retailer to manage that.

"So we have advised them to cut off pre-orders with the implicit promise that they offer day one. I think anybody who ordered up to August 5 was doing so on the expectation that they will definitely get it for day one. So what we're saying to retailers is that all of those people up to that date, we're confident we'll meet all of them for day one.

"There may be some more, but now start your book for it may be day two when you get yours. As we finalise the exact allocation by retailer, what they'll be able to do is satisfy them all up to August [5] - maybe some more - on day one, and therefore nobody's going to go too far and cause themselves a problem. We're just trying to be as responsible as we possibly can because demand is so high and ahead of expectations."

Sony warned retailers earlier this month that pre-orders placed from August 6 may not be fulfilled in time for launch, and announced last week that it had already secured over one million pre-orders for the console.

There have previously been rumours suggesting that Sony is withholding PS4 stock in order to have additional units available to sell in stores on launch day. And though Gara wouldn't confirm whether that is the case, he says there's "nothing sinister" going on behind the scenes.

"There's nothing sinister or overly clever about it, and it certainly isn't a PR stunt. It's a real high demand situation and helping retail to manage that responsibly," he says.

PlayStation 4 launches in the UK on November 29 for £349. A range of official bundles will also be available.