Sony may struggle "to stimulate demand" with its new Super Slim PS3, an industry analyst has suggested.

The new model PS3, which is 25 per cent smaller than the current Slim PS3 and features a new top-loading disc mechanism, was announced by Sony yesterday.

But Takashi Oka, an analyst at TIW, says that, "game-console markets have matured in developed nations and it may be hard to stimulate demand just by making it smaller".

He added: "Sony is probably trying to lure consumers with the new model after Nintendo released its Wii U".

uSwitch technology analyst Ernest Doku, however, claims that Sony could be onto a winner with its new model if it's sold at an "affordable" price.

"Hopefully, supermarkets could slash prices or offer appealing bundles to battle with the Wii U as an affordable console this Christmas.

"Factoring in the media player functionality, this new PS3 could take the advantage in the eyes of those looking at value for money over Mario."

A 500GB version of the new Super Slim PS3 goes on sale next Friday. The console is expected to be priced around £214.99.