According to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president and CEO Jim Ryan, Sony's decision to focus on games was the correct call.

"One of the points is that E3 is a games industry event, and it seems to me to be fairly axiomatic that at a games industry event you should talk about games! That's your audience. There's plenty of time to dwell on the other stuff," Ryan told

He added: "There are many audiences at these things. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are big corporate animals; it's fine for us to say we're talking to the gamers, but the eyes of the world are upon us, and the eyes of our shareholders are upon us! That clearly does have to inform who says what when."

However, coming away from E3 with a share value increase, at a time when rivals such as Nintendo were slipping, was very pleasing for Sony.

"We're very pleased to see that our stock went up and that some of the competitors declined! We did something right, I think," said Ryan.