Ben Borthwick by on Jan 5, 2021

Sony discontinuing production of PlayStation 4 Pro & all but one model of original PS4 in Japan

Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed production of PlayStation 4 Pro models and all but one model of the original “slim” PlayStation 4 consoles has come to an end in Japan reportedly so that factories can focus on the manufacture of PlayStation 5.

According to Japanese publication Game Watch (and helpfully translated/reported by Video Games Chronicle) the only version of the PlayStation 4 that will continue to be manufactured going forward is the baseline Jet Black 500GB models, meaning all other models including the 1TB and PlayStation 4 Pro will no longer be available in Japan once the current stock is sold out.

There’s been no announcement if the same will be true for Western markets any time soon, although major stock shortages of the PlayStation 5 are certainly an ongoing worldwide issue, so it may be somewhat unsurprising to see other territories following suit in the not-to-distant future to aid production in keeping up with demand for the new console.

As VGC also point out, the official PlayStation Direct store in the US briefly stated it would no longer offer PlayStation 4 Pro consoles for sale after it sold out at the tail end of last year, leading to speculation that the model would soon be cancelled, although the message that stated it no longer planned to stock more in the future was quietly removed over the Christmas break.


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