The annual Consumer Electronics Show kicked off last night with Sony in attendance, where among other things the company showed off a sizzle reel of a bunch of forthcoming PlayStation titles that also gave them handy release windows letting us know when we might get our hands on them.

The full presentation which you can watch over here had Sony Interactive Entertainment's Jim Ryan introducing the PlayStation portion by talking about the PlayStation 5's launch as well as a nod to the upcoming Uncharted movie and The Last of Us TV show, before transitioning into the trailer for the games followed by an end-card giving us the juicy info. 

Skipping over the ones we've previously heard and know, such as Hitman 3's release later this month, we found out adventure Kena: Bridge of Spirits is set for March 2021, Solar Ash is expected June 2021, Little Devil Inside is expected July 2021 while Ghostwire Toyko and Stray are scheduled for October 2021. Further out, Project Athia isn't set to arrive until 2022, while Capcom's Pragmata won't be on our consoles before 2023.

Of course, all these are subject to change, but it's cool to have something of an idea of when we can expect some of these games on our consoles. Hopefully we'll hear more from each of them in the near future.

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