AMD's new Mantle technology, which promises improved PC gaming thanks to direct access to a graphics card's features and performance, could prove to be unpopular at Sony and Microsoft, id Software co-founder and Doom creator John Carmack has suggested.

With Mantle, AMD is leveraging its position as the hardware provider for PS4 and Xbox One by allowing PC developers to achieve similar hardware access when developing games to run on its PC parts.

"AMD has an interesting opportunity with Mantle because of their dual console wins, but I doubt Sony and MS will be very helpful," Carmack Tweeted.

Carmack believes the technology could strengthen PC gaming platforms such as the newly announced Steam Machines.

"Considering the boost Mantle could give to a steambox, MS and Sony may wind up being downright hostile to it," he suggested.

Mantle will launch in December as part of an update to Battlefield 4.

Source: @ID_AA_Carmack