Activision could look into a film and TV series based on its popular Skylanders property "in the future", the firm has told

Speaking to us at an Activision showcase event last week, Activision's product specialist Noah Kircher-Allen revealed that Skylanders "was a long-term franchise" for the publisher, and that the series could also extend into comic books and "Halloween costumes.

"Skylanders is a long-term franchise, so you can imagine all sorts of cool new stuff coming out," Kircher-Allen said. "Everything from Halloween costumes to books to comic books.

"As far as film or TV is concerned, we don't have anything officially set for that yet, but obviously that would be something I could see Activision looking into in the future."

Skylanders sees players collecting and sharing toys, before bringing the characters to life in-game.

Some have compared the series to Nintendo's Pokemon, a franchise whose success was bolstered after its venture into film and TV production.

"Any time you're compared to Pokemon I guess you should be flattered," continued Kircher-Allen.

"I wouldn't venture to say we're more relevant than Pokemon. We're a slightly different proposition than Pokemon, but we do share the fantasy world, the collectability [sic], and battling Skylanders against one another.

"I think there is a very high level of innovation in Skylanders which maybe resonates with the younger demographic quite a bit, because in the day and age that we're in where there's all sorts of innovation coming to gaming and other interactivity flying into the marketplace, Skylanders definitely holds its own in something that's never been done before. This level of interaction and innovation resonates well with young children."

Movies based off of video games appear to be hot property at the moment. Last week, DreamWorks acquired the rights to produce a Need For Speed movie.

The next Skylanders title, Skylanders: Giants, is due for release later this year. The game will ship alongside over 20 new Skylanders figures, including a series of luminous giants.

In the same interview, Kircher-Allen told VideoGamer that the attach rate for Skylanders' figures was "two to three times" the amount Activision expected.

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