Silent Hill Transmission – where & how to watch tonight’s reveals

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This evening marks what many horror fans have been waiting for for quite some time – with Konami revealing the future of Silent Hill in a Silent Hill transmission.

The broadcast will take place tonight, and it’s widely believed that Konami will finally reveal some of the Silent Hill projects its been working on – whether those be brand new games or a remake.

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Announced earlier this week, excitement is high – so how are you going to be able to watch? Don’t get lost in the fog – we’ve got details here.

Silent Hill Transmission – what is the start time?

The official start time of the Silent Hill Transmission is at 10pm UK time – that’s 2pm PDT. The broadcast is apparently expected to take just shy of 50 minutes, according to PlayStation Game Size on Twitter.

Silent Hill Transmission – where can I watch it?

You’ve got a couple of options when it comes to watching the broadcast. You can watch it on the official Silent Hill YouTube channel – with other languages including German, Spanish and Japanese.

Of course – we’re also going to embed the English language video below – so if you want to easily bookmark this page and come back here you can too.

According to the countdown, the video will start a little earlier – 9:45pm to be exact. So that’ll give you fifteen minutes to settle in.

As to what we can expect – there’s a few rumours buzzing around. The heaviest is a potential remake of Silent Hill 2 that may – or may not – involve Bloober Team.

We do know Bloober Team are definitely doing something with Konami, but at the last word they refused to confirm it was related to the Silent Hill series.

Funnily enough, as Nibellion notes – Konami may have spoiled their own surprise a little when the description for the video was updated earlier today with a mention of Silent Hill 2 specifically. However, we’ll have to wait for the broadcast itself to see if that bears any fruit.

Rest assured, we’ll cover the big news from the Silent Hill Transmission as and when it happens.

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