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Silent Hill 2 on PC is getting a major overhaul with the Enhanced Edition

The PC version of Silent Hill 2 is set to receive a major kick up the arse thanks to the release of an Enhanced Edition, which implements a wealth of visual and sound enhancements, bug fixes, and more.

Of course, one of the biggest issues with Silent Hill 2 is that it's a challenge to get on your PC to begin with. The survival horror classic isn't on Steam or GOG, so you'll have to get your paws on a physical copy of the game.

Once you've done this, there's a bunch of hefty instructions to follow in order to successfully install all the mods for the Enhanced Edition, although it's well worth the effort. 

'Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is an ongoing project of enhancement packages that add various visual, audio, and bug improvements for the PC version of the game. Notable examples of what the enhancements improve on is the use of a widescreen camera in the game; higher display resolutions; removal of prominent audio bugs; PlayStation 2 quality audio and fog; better controller support; and much more. The use of these enhancement packages, made by a collaborative team of wonderful modders and programmers, makes for a definitive Silent Hill 2HD experience,' said the mod team. 

Silent Hill 2 was of course remastered in high definition six years ago alongside Silent Hill 3, although Konami famously did a pretty poor job at recreating the game's fog effects. It was all a bit of mess to be honest, so much so that the original PlayStation 2 release was the best option.

You can see how Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition is shaping up in the trailer below. Despite being sixteen-years-old, players are still discovering hidden secrets in the game after all this time.




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