The imminent PS4 release of Shadow of the Beast will include a rather cool unlockable extra in the form of the complete original Amiga title fully emulated on Sony's console.

"As fans of the original, we wanted to offer new players to chance to experience first-hand the game that inspired us and offer fellow fans of the original a chance to re-live it. To that end, we've included a full emulation of the original Amiga game (we think this might be the first time an Amiga emulation has been published on a Sony console!) as an unlockable bonus in the main game - that means you'll get the entire original Amiga game alongside the new Shadow of the Beast!" explained Matt Birch, CEO and Founder, Heavy Spectrum.

The original game is a notoriously difficult game, so an optional infinite lives mode and some other help has been added to give players a better chance of success.

Here are the original game's creators Martin Edmondson and Roger Dean sharing their thoughts on the modern version.

Heavy Spectrum also announced that the original David Whittaker score will be included as an unlockable extra, fully integrated as an alternative soundtrack.

Shadow of the Beast launches May 17.

Source: EU PS Blog

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