The officially licensed Olympic Games video game might have sounded like a bit of a joke, but SEGA is taking things quite seriously and will be offering gamers 20 authentic Olympic events including Track, Field and Aquatic disciplines.

Full event list:

Fencing - Individual epée


Shooting - Skeet

Gymnastics - Trampoline

Gymnastics - Vault

Field - High Jump

Field - Pole Vault

Field - Long Jump

Field - Triple Jump

Field - Javelin Throw

Field - Hammer Throw

Rowing - Single Sculls

Table Tennis - Singles

Aquatics - 100m Freestyle

Aquatics - 4x100m Freestyle

Track - 110m and 400m Hurdles

Track - 4x100m Relay

Track -100m and 400m

Players will control their character using Wii's unique Remote and Nunchuck with actions like swinging the Wii Remote to simulate a hammer throw, notching the Nunchuck to shoot arrows, and replicating swimming strokes to shoot along in the pool. A number of secret motions and movements have also been included which will provide players with boosts.

The game will feature 16 playable characters (eight from each of the game's titular characters' video game worlds) with four playing styles on offer: all round, technical, speed and power. Your character selection will determine your play style: Mario and Amy (all-round), Peach and Tails (technical), Sonic and Yoshi (Speed), and Knuckles and Bowser (Power).

We're also promised a host of singe-player and multiplayer game modes, including custom event circuits (pick and choose which events you want to play) and mission mode. The game will also feature a quiz mode and a host of mini-games.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is scheduled for release across Europe on November 23 for Wii, with the DS version to follow in Q1 2008.

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