Sega Saturn Mini won’t happen anytime soon

Sega Saturn Mini won’t happen anytime soon
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Sega announced plans to launch the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini this September, but those hoping for a mini version of the Sega Saturn probably shouldn't hold their breath: it could be ten years before we see it.

Speaking with IGN Japan (via US Gamer), Hiroyuki Miyazaki, who is in charge of the Sega Mega Drive Mini project, commented, 'It's simply a matter of cost and technology. It may be possible in 10 years. By that time the necessary chips should be cheaper.'

The Sega Saturn came out way back in 1994, one year after the release of the Sega Mega Drive II model. It was released in the US and UK in 1995, although despite offering some quality arcade titles, was firmly trounced by the PlayStation during the 32-bit console war.

Despite this, I loved the Saturn. It had some great games (Mr. Bones, anyone? What a cult classic!) and I still play it from time to time. A mini version would be great, so it's a pity it probably won't happen for ages yet. 

The Sega Mega Drive Mini comes out on September 19.