Churning out derivative experiences is not the way to earn success in the video game industry, instead studios must look to new and original ideas, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer has told

Speaking ahead of the release of downloadable title Costume Quest, Schafer said: "I think the only way to get success is to do something new and original, because all the big breakout hits have been crazy at the time - you know, like Grand Theft Auto. Those were not derivative games, they were very original. We just want to have more chances, more turns at bat, more games released per year."

Schafer also revealed that while the studio is currently focused on producing a series of smaller, downloadable titles, it may one day return to larger scale experiences.

"I definitely want to keep doing small games, but I think eventually we'll do another larger game," said Schafer. "I don't ever want to do a four-year game again, but we never planned to do that. Eventually I'd like to do a mix of one larger game, and still do the smaller games too."

"I never want to give up. I don't want to give up this thing we have of being able to come up with ideas and get out to the market really fast."

Costume Quest will be released for XBLA and PSN on October 20. For more from Schafer and Double Fine Productions' Tasha Harris check out our interview in full.

Schafer's stance on originality in the video game industry is commendable, but producing these "new and original ideas" is easier said than done. Publishers will also look to annual franchises like FIFA, PES and Call of Duty as a reason to keep pumping out iterations of what came before. Only this week Namco Bandai's new IP, Enslaved, charted lower than hoped at No.7, behind a series of sequels.