The Safety Car is in F1 2011, Codemasters has confirmed today. The news came from two excited Tweets by lead designer Steve Hood and communications manager Andy Gray.

"Hang on, what's this? That's right, the SAFETY CAR IS IN!!!" Tweeted Gray, talking about a blurry off-screen picture of the FIA's Mercedes SLS car in action.

"Okay, okay... Safety Car is in this years' game... Going to be awesome!!" added Hood.

Codemasters has since confirmed that the safety car will be available in races set to a minimum of 20 per cent real distance, including online races. The car can be turned off if you wish. During Safety Car moments you'll still be in control of your car, but it won't be possible for players to take control of the Safety Car.

F1 2011 is due for release on September 23 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. For more on the game head over to our recent F1 2011 preview.


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