O Games has announced the February 2010 release of Safar'Wii, for Wii.

In addition to featuring the best title of a video game ever, Safar'Wii will enable players to explore a new animal island as a photographer for 'Animal News'. As a photographer players will be given assignments to take photos of the island's inhabitants.

"Safar'Wii makes your dreams of getting close to wild animals a reality," said Emma Jenkins, product manager. "It gives kids the chance to interact with animals, see them in their natural habitats and learn about them in an exciting and fun way."

The game features 21 different species and as players carry out assignments they will build relationship with the animals. Once trust is gained it will be possible to do things like hug a panda and ride an elephant.

Have you ever gained the trust of an animal? Share your experiences in the comments section below. True Story: I once hugged a bear.