Code Mystics and Hopoo Games have announced the latest result of their on-going love affair with PlayStation, with the duo finally bringing the undead-killing action title Deadbolt to PS4 and PS Vita later this month following its PC debut in 2016.

Set in a world somewhere between life and death, Deadbolt casts you as the reaper; an armed-to-the-teeth, death-dealing juggernaut who is tasked with one goal: Exterminate the undead. It's not as easy as you might think however, as the reaper can only take one single hit before eating the dirt, leaving little room for error.

Players can tear through each mission how they see fit, either by going in guns blazing or plumping for a more stealthy approach. As you progress, you'll collect souls that can be used to unlock fresh weapons for your chosen playstyle, such as a scythe, crossbow, and semi-automatic shotgun. 

Deadbolt will be released on February 20 as a cross-buy title for PS4 and PS Vita. 

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