Rime had its anti-piracy protection cracked in five days, so it’s ditching it entirely

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Last week the lead producer on Rime, Cody Bradley, confirmed that once the Denuvo anti-piracy protection on Rime was broken, it would be removed from the game. ‘Based on other titles, we expect the protection to last two weeks, maybe three at most.’ In fact, it lasted five days.

Bradley also acknowledged that using Denuvo causes a ‘small performance hit’ but didn’t believe it was responsible for other problems PC uses reported. 

Yesterday the team at Grey Box confirmed that the latest update will be remove the Denuvo protection for the PC version. They’re also working on another patch, aimed to release next week.

‘This patch will provide a fix for the VR initialization bug, and will also provide a fix to some specific instances of hardware-related crashes, among other updates which will be detailed at the time. We sincerely thank players who have reported issues, and a special thanks to those who have worked with us to provide additional details, DxDiag files, and the like.’

Rime released on May 26 for PS4, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch. 

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