Richard Garriott's studio, Texas-based Portalarium, has announced its first Facebook game - Ultimate Collector: Garage Sale.

The social title which is being developed under Garriott's guidance has users collect and sell items. Players will customise an avatar and house, then shop at estate sales, garage sales, pawn shops, and so on to complete collections of items. Collected items can then be displayed in your house or sold at your own yard sales for in-game money.

"There are literally thousands of collectible items in the game," according to executive producer Dallas Snell.

"You may find an item that you really want, but you may need it authenticated by an expert to find out its true value. Some items might need repair to increase their worth. They are all real world items and we've scoured the Internet looking at auction and collectors' sites to determine authenticity. In fact we've provided links in the game so players can go back to these websites to learn more about the items they've collected and, in some cases, even buy them for real if they still exist and are available for sale."

Ultimate Collector: Garage Sale will launch on Facebook.

Garriott has been passionate about the casual gaming trend recently, having said that most modern publishers ignore casual gaming "at their peril".