ShopTo and Zavvi are the first two online retailers out of the gates to pin a price on the 3DS XL - but there's a whopping £40 difference between the firms' asking prices.

ShopTo has the blue & black, red & black and silver & black units available to pre-order at £179.84 each.

Meanwhile, rival retailer Zavvi has each of the units listed at £209.95.

Update: is also taking pre-orders, asking customers for £179.99.

Nintendo of America set the North American price of the 3DS XL at $199.99 during its announcement earlier this morning.

Nintendo Europe, however, said that it would be up to retailers to set a UK price.

The 3DS currently retails at around £120.

ShopTo is fast developing a reputation of being the first retailer to set a price for upcoming hardware.

Earlier this month it priced the Wii U at £279.99, something Nintendo later dismissed as "speculation".