by on Dec 8, 2016

Resogun is getting a 4K and HDR update

Resogun is being updated to support 4K and HDR on PS4 Pro, developer Housemarque has announced.

“Imagine all of the voxels, particle effects and the fast-paced action even in greater, more eye-candy indulged experience,” said the studio.

The studio doesn’t have a release date for the update, but says it should be “coming soon enough”.

In celebration of the news the developer has released a free Defender inspired Resogun fan art shirt, which you can use to print your own t-shirt. All the assets you need can be found on dropbox.

Housemarque is currently working on new game Nex Machina, a collaboration with Defender creator Eugene Jarvis.

The game is set in a time where humans have become more and more addicted to technology, and machines have evolved to conscious entities with their own feelings. The problems began when robots surpassed mankind’s abilities and refused to be servants. The player is humanity’s final hope.

Source: Housemarque


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