The Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 6 spans two discs, Capcom has confirmed.

But if you're concerned about having to switch discs partway through blasting J'avo, don't be.

The second disc will only contain "localised content", including support for multiple languages, and is "virtually redundant" to UK consumers, Capcom has told

The PS3 version will ship on a single Blu-ray disc.

The move marks the first time a publisher has shipped an Xbox 360 game on multiple discs simply to support localised content.

It isn't, however, the first time a Resident Evil game has shipped on multiple discs. Both Resident Evil 2 on PSOne and the GameCube version of Resident Evil 4 shipped on two discs.

Resident Evil 6 launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 2. Stolen copies of the game were sold in Poland late last month.

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