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Resident Evil 4 HD Project is now up for download

Resident Evil 4 has been milked to death so much by Capcom over the years that it probably now resembles a mummified corpse. Still, there's one more version of the game on its way that comes via a dedicated modding community: The Resident Evil 4 HD Project.

This aims to be the definitive version of the seminal action-horror title, and a significant improvement on Capcom's own HD remaster, which to be honest wasn't really much cop.

Project lead Albert even visited the same locations that Capcom sourced the original textures from in order to gather new images. The result is nothing short of impressive, with highly-detailed textures, high-resolution character models for cutscenes, and all-new real-time lighting effects on torches and flaming arrows giving Resi 4 a massive visual overhaul.

It's not quite ready yet though, with characters and weapons having not yet been updated, as well a few other bits and bobs. Regardless, Resi 4 can be downloaded here.

Resident Evil 4 was released on GameCube and PS2 back in 2005, and has since been ported to Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile.

The game is often credited for reinvigorating the Resi franchise at a time when it was rapidly losing steam, introducing a then-revolutionary new camera perspective that has influenced countless third-person shooters ever since. 


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