Remedy partners with Epic Games to publish its next two titles

Remedy partners with Epic Games to publish its next two titles
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Remedy Entertainment has entered a partnership with Epic Games to publish its next two titles (via SP1ST).

At the beginning of this year, the developer had four projects in the pipeline. Number one and two are The Foundation and AWE DLCs for the kooky shooter Control. Number three is an “unannounced game,” and number four is an online multiplayer game, worked on by the small “startup” team, Vanguard. Now, Remedy has revealed that its next two titles will be made in collaboration with Epic Games. 

“The games are part of Epic Games’ new, developer-first publishing effort, giving full creative freedom and IP ownership to development partners such as Remedy,” said the developer in an official statement. One game is said to be its most ambitious venture to date, and the second game is smaller in scale but takes place in the same universe as the first game. Both will be using the Northlight engine, but it’s the mention of “full creative freedom” that’s got me thinking.

Remedy acquired the rights to Alan Wake from Microsoft, and Control is peppered with references to Bright Falls. Josh would love to see a shared universe of its titles—“a super team comprised of Joyce, Jesse, Max, and Alan: time-bending, telekinesis, bullet-time diving, and all of it dreamed up by a dishevelled soul behind a typewriter under a lake”—and does it seem so impossible? We aren’t able to say for sure, but the style of Control’s AWE DLC does raise questions.

Control is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Its first DLC has recently launched, too, though you’ll be waiting a little longer if you play on an Xbox One.