Red Dead Revolver could be coming to PS4 soon

Red Dead Revolver could be coming to PS4 soon
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Red Dead Revolver, the first game in Rockstar’s hit Red Dead series, could be headed to PS4 soon.

A PS4 port of the PS2 spaghetti western was reportedly listed on the Australian PlayStation Store last night, along with some screenshots, price and a September 13 release date. That’s today, if you’ve lost count.

Neither Sony or Rockstar, however, have yet to announce plans to bring Red Dead Revolver to PS4’s PS2 Classics range, and the listing has since been removed. In fact, Sony’s said that this week’s PS2 Classic is actually Everybody’s Tennis, so this comes as a bit of a surprise.

Red Dead Revolver, of course, is also very different to its more popular sequel Red Dead Redemption, offering far more linear gameplay and following a different lead character, Red Harlow. It first released on PS2 and Xbox back in 2004. If you’re interested in checking it out on PS4, keep your eyes peeled on PlayStation Store.

Source: @Wario64