Rebel Galaxy: Imagine Elite crossed with the naval portion of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and you're pretty much there. It sounds like an odd match, but it makes perfect sense - find out why with Alice and Jim! Click here to subscribe.

Rather than flying a small fighter type vessel, Rebel Galaxy puts you in charge of medium-large sized capital ships, armed with turrets and broadside cannons, just like an old pirate vessel. What's better than playing a space pirate? Nothing, that's what. Movement is restricted to a 2D plane, meaning Rebel Galaxy isn't going to win any realism awards from The Royal Astronomical Society, but it does turn out to be a brilliant design decision when you're piloting a massive, well-armed space galleon.

What sets it apart from the likes of Elite and Star Citizen is that learning to fly the ship is the easy part, but don't expect an easy ride. Incidentally, Jim loved Elite: Dangerous too, and made a love letter to Frontier's space-trading series back when it was in beta - click here to watch.

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