A new standalone Conker game is not in development at Rare or any other studio, Xbox head Phil Spencer has confirmed following the announcement of the squirrel's Project Spark spin-off yesterday.

Responding to a fan asking whether it is "safe to assume that Rare isn't working on a new conker game because of the project spark announcement", Spencer replied: "Yes".

"We didn't say never," he later added, "it's just not being worked on right now by Rare or any other studio."

Microsoft announced a Project Spark-based Conker mini-series yesterday called 'Conker's Big Reunion', with the first episode due to roll out on April 23.

"We're hoping Conker's Big Reunion in Project Spark leads to other experiences down the road," Project Spark developer Team Dakota added. "What Conker does in Project Spark doesn't limit him from appearing elsewhere."

The last major Conker title 'Conker: Live & Reloaded' launched on the original Xbox in 2005.

Rare is expected to announce at least one major new game later this year.

Source: @XboxP3

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