Rainbow Six Siege will be supported by a year of free DLC, delivered in four seasons, Ubisoft has announced.

"We made a commitment to treating our game as a service and investing in it for the long term," explains the RB6 Siege dev blog. "Our vision was not a game that you'd play through and 'beat,' but something you'd regularly come back to. In order to do that, we'll be actively supporting Rainbow Six Siege with gameplay balancing and tweaks (plus detailed patch notes), events and competitions, and four major content releases with no paywall on gameplay content."

Rb6 year one dlc

Over the course of the year players will be given free access to four seasons of content, which when combined will offer:

  • 4 new maps (playable on both online multiplayer and Terrorist Hunt)
  • 8 new operators, with new primary/secondary weapons and unique Gadget
  • New cosmetic items
  • New game modes, events and/or activities

All new maps and modes will be free and available immediately to all players. New operators and most weapon skins can be unlocked with earned currency called Renown, or with R6 Credits. The only microtransaction exclusive content will be "a small number of premium weapon skins that are purely aesthetic and have no impact on gameplay".

"The launch of Rainbow Six Siege on December 1st is just the beginning of what we want to do with this game," explains the blog. "We believe this is a game that will have a long lifespan, and we are eager to continue to support the game as the Rainbow Six community grows.

"We are very excited to kick off this journey next month and see how the sandbox advances over time with your help."

So what of the previously announced Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass? Community developer Chase Straight revealed on Reddit that this "will be communicated very soon. Since we're doing things a little differently with our post-launch content, the season pass will be different from a traditional one."

Source: RB6 Siege

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