Players who choose to kill other members of their team in Rainbow Six Siege "will not be tolerated", Ubisoft has warned, adding that it has a "plan in place to handle them" following the game's launch.

The warning follows reports of trolls teamkilling other players in last week's multiplayer beta, with no penalty in place to discourage them from doing so.

But that won't be the case as of tomorrow, Ubi says.

"We have a plan in place to handle them [players who teamkill]," Ubisoft said in an update on Twitter. "It will not be tolerated at launch!"

Rainbow Six Siege's multiplayer beta came to a close last night following six days of testing. It wasn't without its problems, however, leading to some concerns that the game's servers may struggle to cope with the load placed on them at launch tomorrow.

Ubisoft promises that the issue affecting the beta will be fixed in time for launch.

Rainbow Six Siege launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC tomorrow, December 1.

Source: @Rainbow6Game

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