Rainbow Six Siege’s newcomer Alibi is an expert at infiltration

Rainbow Six Siege’s newcomer Alibi is an expert at infiltration
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Ubisoft has announced the latest addition to Rainbow Six Siege's rapidly-swelling Operator lineup, with Alibi joining the ranks for the impending Operation Para Bellum update.

According to the official blurb, Alibi is a Defender inspired by the Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale unit from Italy, and is described as a 'cunning woman' who is skilled at penetrating the dense networks of 'organized crime.'

'This Defender is all about finding clever ways to force the Attackers' hands. Any hesitation comes at a heavy price,' said Ubisoft. 

Right now it's unknown exactly what gadgets Alibi will come packing, although her backstory on the official website reveals she's something of a sharp shooter and has extensive knowledge of Italian firearms. 

Operation Para Bellum will introduce two new Operators into the mix (including Alibi), as well as a Pick & Ban system that allows players to boot certain Operators from play. There's also a new map on the horizon, Villa, which applies various changes to existing Operators; Echo, for example, will get a second Yokai drone among other buffs.

Rainbow Six Siege was released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in December 2015. Despite a shaky start, the game has built a loyal fan base on the back of continued support from Ubisoft, who recently confirmed its desire to pump out 100 Operators during the game's lifetime.

In other words, don't expect Rainbow Six Siege 2 to rock up anytime soon.