by on Oct 27, 2005

Rainbow Six Lockdown coming to PC

Having already made an appearance on consoles, Rainbow Six Lockdown is now set to be released on PC in early 2006. This won’t be a straight port either, with plenty of new features being added to the version we saw released on consoles. Some of these new features include the following.

Enhanced Tactical Experience: Enemies are now deadlier with improved tactics.

New Multiplayer Features: Class types allow for more specialization of skills and abilities, new ‘free-for-all’ game types, re-imagined missions making them more challenging, re-vamped Rivalry Mode, and the return of the classic maps: 747, Mint, and Bunkers.

New Equipment: Enemies use of Lock Fusers in single player mode will present new challenges to the player. New items including Laser trip Mines, Virus Grenades, and C4 explosives added to multiplayer.

New Weapons and Attachments: 20 new weapons taking the total to 42, six of which have never before been seen in a Rainbow Six game. New weapon customization to suit your style of play.

Assuming Ubisoft can improve on the somewhat disappointing console versions of the game, PC gamers may have something to look forward to early in 2006.


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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown

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