Ubisoft has announced a new Rabbid designer toy collection called EEERZ, available to buy direct from the Ubisoft store from today.

The new EEERZ collection is designed and manufactured by Ubisoft, and features one 28cm Do It Yourself toy model and one 28cm Velvet toy model, available in 5 different colours.

"With the EEERZ collection, we wanted to offer Rabbids fans something new and trendy," said Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA chief marketing & sales officer at Ubisoft. "These designer toys show the versatility and the depth of the Rabbids' artistic universe, and will please both fans of the franchise as well as collectors looking for original and distinct pieces of art."

Ubisoft partnered with Artoyz in the creation of the EEERZ range.

"We were so excited when Ubisoft asked us to be their partner for the launch of the EEERZ!" explained Michael Rouah, co-founder of Artoyz. "With the Rabbids' stumpy forms and their quirky minds, their entrance in the designer toys universe is a natural evolution. We have been very impressed by Ubisoft's ability to insert the style of the brand into a desirable, collectable series of toys while still keeping the spirit of the Rabbids intact."

The Do It Yourself toy model is priced £29.99, while the Velvet models are priced £44.99.

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