Remedy has explained how Quantum Break's live-action episodes will be integrated with the main game, revealing that players will unlock a new live-action episode at the end of particular gameplay segments which they can choose to watch immediately or later on their iPad or phone.

"You'll unlock the live-action episode at the end of the [gameplay] episode," head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen revealed in this month's issue of EDGE, "but you can choose when you jump into that.

"The best experience would be to play the game, watch the live action, then play the game some more, but if you've chosen to dedicate your two-hour slot to gaming and you don't want to watch live action straight away, you can continue on with the game and pick up on the live action from your iPad or phone at a later date."

Remedy has yet to reveal how long each episode will be or how many players should expect to find. The cast of actors starring in Quantum Break hasn't yet been disclosed, either.

"My gut tells me that [people will] play a section of the game, they'll watch the live action with a beer or coffee, and then jump back into the game," added CEO Matias Myllyrinne. "Or they'll stop and do the double-barrel thing the next night - play the episode and watch the live action."

Myllyrinne also believes that it's "more natural to watch a show than to watch a long cutscene. If I get a long cutscene," he says, "not naming names, but I start to wish it was interactive."

The first gameplay footage of Quantum Break was shown earlier this month, where it was revealed to be a cover-based third-person shooter that follows the tale of two people gifted with the power to manipulate time.

You'll also get to play as the antagonist, Remedy revealed, who gets to make decisions about "which future comes to pass", with consequences reflected in the game.

"Unlike many other games, you actually get to know what the consequences of your choice are," Myllyrinne adds. "[In other games,] when I make a choice, I don't necessarily know what the impact of that decision has been, or why things turned out a certain way. Obviously you can have twists and turns, but it's good to understand the consequences of your actions. We should be making [choice] more meaningful for gamers and more engaging."

Quantum Break is due to release on Xbox One early next year.

Source: EDGE #262

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