Puzzle Bobble Universe will be released for Nintendo 3DS on April 22, Square Enix has announced.

The game sees brothers Bub and Bob facing more bubble trouble after they stumble across an unmanned spaceship and a distant cry for help. Unknown to the duo, several surrounding planets have "doors" in their vicinity which have been opened, releasing floods of bubbles that are rapidly turning into hazardous space-debris.

Bob is captured, so it's up to Bub to save the day.

The classic bubble popping gameplay is said to be enhanced with a feeling of depth only made possible by the 3DS. Two game modes will be included: Puzzle Mode offers eight worlds and a total of 88 stages, while Challenge Mode features timed and non-stop bubble games.

"Puzzle Bobble Universe sees the colourful classic get a 3D makeover," commented Larry Sparks, VP brands PAL region of Square Enix. "The gameplay mechanics and vibrant visuals associated with the series perfectly suit the new console's capabilities. Puzzle Bobble Universe is sure to be a must-have title for any 3DS owner."

While we don't agree with Larry Sparks that the game is likely to be a "must-have" title, Puzzle Bobble games are genuinely addictive. Our concern is that the 3D element will be shoehorned into an experience which doesn't require the extra dimension.

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